Tuesday, September 30, 2014

PCS season

I was going to write a fairly lengthy entry on how we have had all our goods packed up and how we are moving 8000 miles from where we currently are living. However all I can really think of that we have 52 days left in England. Just 52! It's been a wonderful three years, but it all ends less than 60 days. Tomorrow starts October and I know it will fly!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Being Like Me

My heart is so humbled tonight. I don't even know if I can really gather my thoughts to smash this all out but I have to try. Right now I can hear my husband singing the theme song from Jake and the Neverland Pirates to our girls as they do their bath time routine and I am sat here feeling like a messy puddle of goo.

No, it wasn't an extraordinarily hard day on the mom scale. In fact it was fairly boring...however today, today my three year old, my sweet Kalilah, started repeating a phrase the honors me, and makes my heart stand still: "Mommy I want to be like you".

Who cares, right? All kids want to be like their parents, and you are right. They do. Today I have really felt the tangible weight of my daughter's desire to be like me. She wanted her clothes to be similar to mine today, and at dinner after only consuming two helping of cornbread asked to have her ribs 'like mommy' and then gobbled them down. Only minutes before she refused them entirely and said "YUCK" because they were cubed up.

Just this morning as I was sipping my green tea and browsing my newsfeed on facebook I found this amazing article about a model and how she stood up against the outrageous level of photoshop that was done to said photo. I often read these types of articles and worry about how I am setting my girls up for their lives. I worry if they are going to have strong and healthy body images or spend years and years, as I have, hating their bodies.

Then it hit me today, when it comes to my self value and body image I am not a good example. I have cut down a lot on self deprecation.However I still often pinch the extra fat on my belly, or glare at my husband if he tries to touch the underside of my arm or pick me up. I immediately meet him with protest about 'my fat'. While I try not to make negative 'fat' comments in front of the kids it still happens more than I like.

Not only am I not modeling a healthy body image but I also don't want to be instilling fat/over weight prejudice in my own children! So here it is to all the parents who happen to stumble upon this. Your children love you, they want to be like you, so make sure you pay attention to what you are showing them. Love yourself, love your neighbor and most of all make sure you are rejoicing in the beauty that is that sweet little person who loves you unconditionally.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

New Season

So I am here tonight to write about a couple of things. Number one, hello to the start of college football season! Woo hoo! We are currently watching our Tigers play the Dawgs. Go Tigers!

The other interest of tonight's entry is that I have decided to expand into another blog. I know, I know...I am the WORST at updating. Why would I do that? Well  our family is starting to move towards a journey towards minimalism. I personally have felt God speaking to my heart on the matter (which in no way means I think it is for everyone) but He has been slowly pushing me for several years now and I am ready to take the plunge. Or at least step in the direction. So here is to hoping that this will give me incentive to blog more often! ;)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Scottish Holiday

As we count down the days left we have in the UK (shockingly less than 100 days now) we are also trying to cram in as many holidays as we possibly can. This last week we went into the Highlands of Scotland and up all the way to the Orkney Islands. It was an amazing trip, and despite the rain I think fun was had by all.

 We went up to Dundee to see my friend Alison and she was kind enough to let us stay at her flat. We met her at the Deep Sea World Aquarium and took the girls around. It was good fun and we even got see a mermaid! Kalilah had a blast, and got to have her photo taken with the mermaid. After we went to Alison and got some Thai takeaway. Kalilah spent an amazing amount of time following Treacle (Alison's very good natured cat), going into the attic bedroom to play, and sneaking into Alison's room to try on her high heels and look at herself in the full length mirror.

After dinner, Franklin put the girls to bed while Alison and I nipped out around the corner for a glass of wine at the local pub. I remembered why I wasn't a party girl in college. The pub was SLAMMED, hot and loud. I was very happy when Alison suggested the beer garden outside which was pretty much abandoned. It was nice to have a long chat. It was a bit sad knowing it will be a long while before I get to see her again but thankful that I actually got to meet up with her.

We headed out from hers on Sunday morning towards Perth for the Highland Games. The forecast was pretty poor and sadly we only got about an hour out of it before the rain came in early. We tried at one point to go back into the games but it was just SO windy, cool and the rain too heavy. We gave up eventually and decided to leave. It was amazing to hear all the bagpipe bands, and we got the very tail end of some of the games. We found a nice family pub for lunch and had a bit of a break before heading up to Inverness. The next day we went to the Orkney Islands on a tour. That was beautiful, and also rough for Kalilah and myself. On the way up Kalilah got sick, twice, on the bus ride. I started feeling rough but managed to hold it together. The ferry ride wasn't super helpful either. However on the way back, it was my turn to get sick . Still we ended up having beautiful weather and it was an amazing trip. We were meant to go camping on the Isle of Skye but the rain was so constant and the wind was so fierce we ended up driving to see Loch Ness (we had plans to do a castle nearby but the car park was full and we couldn't get a spot). Then we just drove down toward Skye and took some amazing pictures and ended up driving south to Dumbarton.

We decided to go to Dumbarton Castle the following day, and then for some shopping and onto Glengoyne distillery. That was a good trip and it was really interesting. We drove to Carlisle from there (that is in northern England just past the Scottish border) to stay the night. Thursday morning we woke up and went to Hadrian's wall, and then drove back up into Scotland to go to Dumfries as that is where Franklin's family originally hails from. We both wish we had more time there but we did go to the Robert Burns Centre which was neat. We snapped several pictures and then we made our journey home. So even though we ended up coming home a day early, and didn't go everywhere we had originally planned it really was a good time. Kalilah really loved the aquarium, castle, and the wall.

Anyway after our return the excitement didn't stop as my dearest friend, Catherine, had her sweet baby girl just two days later! So lots of good things over the last week at this house.

How about you? How was your week? If you are military, what do you do before a PCS? Spend time in the local area or just carry on as usual?


Saturday, July 12, 2014


So I just want to take a minute to congratulate and brag on this handsome guy on your right. This is an old picture (that squishy baby turns ONE in just a few hours) but one of my favorites of my sweet man in uniform. On the 10th the Staff Sergeant Select list came out and guess who was on it? Not only did he make it, but this was his first time testing! I am incredibly proud of my Airman regardless of what rank is on his sleeve, but I know how hard he works so I just wanted to gush about him a little! Congratulations to ALL of the Ssgt selects! 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


So I have been making some changes around here. If you read my blog periodically you'll notice that I have redone the template and I have just trimmed down on some of the excess on the page. I think it reflects me and my current goals for my family and life. Less is more. More intentional living and an attempt to not be weighed down by things. It's also hopefully going to save this mama's sanity.

While my blog has had a bit of a face lift there are other changes in our household. I haven't written much since our sweet baby Eilidh joined our family. Maybe one day I will pull some of my private diary entries to share on here. I feel a bit guilty that there is less evidence of her on this blog because she is every bit as loved as her older sister. She is about to turn the big ONE. It's hard to believe a year has just whizzed by since she joined us. Our big girl is now three (really WHERE has time gone?).

We are also about to gear up for a PCS to....*drum roll* Alaska! (pauses for all the comments on snow and Sarah Palin) It will be a really amazing adventure I am sure but I have to admit to being sad and not really ready to leave the UK. It's become our second home and has been the only home our daughters have ever known. That alone is enough to bring tears to my eyes but it's the military way. Off we go into the wild blue yonder ;).

So reader, my question for you, is this a season of change in your life? Sometimes change is HARD, but often it is necessary and even good. Comment and let me know if there is some kind of change going on in your life you'd like prayer for and I would love to add it to my daily prayers. I hope you all are doing well.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Happenings of the House

A lot has been going on over the last several months and I am thinking I really need to commit to writing here more often. I have so many changes going on right now that I am hoping to mold and transform this blog into something helpful and useful for both the readers and myself. So first of all, the most important thing that has happened....
Meet Eilidh (Ay-lee) Sultana. Born 12 July in Oxford, England UK. 

She has been an amazing addition to our family. I love her squishy face so much. She has turned out to not be very much like her sister at all which threw me off guard a bit. From her dark features, to her nursing habits and sleeping habits. She is a sensitive and sweet and our family has become so enriched for having her in it. 

My sweet big girl has turned 2 and is becoming such a little lady. Going from one to two has been an adjustment but I like to think I have handled it fairly well. Kalilah is working on potty training, starts nursery school this week and will be starting ballet soon as well! It's crazy to me. It seems like yesterday I was taking her to her 2 month well baby and now she is a big independent minded girl (it drives me CRAZY). 

Another big happening is that we are going through our first deployment! We aren't very far in but it is an adjustment. From my side of things it feels like a TDY (temporary duty assignment) so it hasn't sunk in yet that he'll be gone for awhile. I think the girls can tell the difference for sure. Today a friend stopped by during lunch and when Kalilah heard the door open she jumped up and yelled "DADDY?!?!?!". It broke my heart and made my stomach instantly feel sick. Poor baby. Thankfully she was delighted with who it was on the other side so it was okay. I know we can do it. One day at a time with the Lord to lean on. He carries us through all things. 

Lastly though not least but not nearly as monumental I suppose would be that I have started eating Paleo! It's been a bit tough today. I have been stressed and wanted to eat like a big cheese burger and chips with vinegar. Instead I cooked up a steak and huge side of stir fry veg. It hit the spot pretty well. I have pretty much always loved healthful eating (whole wheat, that sort of thing) but I decided to try the Paleo 30 day challenge for the first 30 days of the deployment (because I hate myself, clearly). Okay, not really. I decided that would be when I was most stressed and most likely to binge eat or eat to cope with stress which is a bad habit I need to kick. So if you are going to stress eat, why not make it fruit, veg, and nuts? Oh and meat. I feel really good so far. One of the first times I have changed my diet and don't have a headache (I'm not counting calories, I am nursing after all). I know realistically I probably won't do this forever. I MISS cheese and bread but I am hoping for it to encourage whole food eating and to be how we mainly eat during the week. The hardest part has been lunches. It just hasn't been easy to quickly make food up. Basically I need a day to do prep for the week I think. Slowly but surely I WILL get there. 

Anyway that is enough for now. It is getting late and Big Girl needs to school tomorrow which means mommy needs to get to bed!